On March 9, 2021 USCIS designated a new Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for those from Venezuela who entered the United States on or before March 8, 2021. The roots of the TPS designation made by President Biden follow a year of political turmoil, infrastructure collapse, and widespread poverty under the regime of Venezuelan President, Nicolás Maduro. Under TPS, Venezuelan nationals (and noncitizens of Venezuela, if those noncitizens last resided in Venezuela before the U.S.) are eligible for this temporary status. The initial registration period lasts 180 days, beginning March 9, 2021, and ending September 5, 2021. TPS applicants are immediately eligible for a temporary work permit, and the opportunity to apply for travel authorization. The status also ensures USCIS cannot order the applicant’s removal from the U.S. For the most efficient registration, USCIS recommends eligible Venezuelans to apply as soon as possible. For those with plans to apply for asylum, the one-year clock to file an asylum application is paused when TPS is granted to a person within the United States. Those with TPS may also be eligible for other pathways to legal citizenship, like lawful permanent resident status. However, it’s important to note that TPS does not guarantee asylum status or legal permanent resident status in the future. TPS for Venezuela is guaranteed, as of now, until September 9, 2022. Please contact Molina Law Group to inquire whether you or your family members are eligible, and for assistance registering for TPS.