Attorney Abigail Molina of Molina Law Group attended oral arguments in the federal lawsuit Texas v. U.S. that is attempting to block the implementation of President Obama’s immigration reform actions as announced in his Executive Action announcement on November 20, 2014.

After the three hour hearing Abigail was asked to interview with Telemundo in order to provide her legal opinion on the arguments presented in the hearing. Abigail was interviewed in Spanish.

She explained that in order to prevail in the lawsuit, Texas and the other plaintiff states must show that the Executive Action has harmed them directly. She said that one of them arguments the states are putting forward is that they will face economic harm because individuals who obtain work authorization can then get drivers licenses which are subsidized by the states and therefore cost them money. Abigail concluded that it is difficult in this case to show harm and she doesn’t believe the lawsuit will prevail.

Molina Law Group will be closely following this lawsuit. Check back here for updates.