Citizenship and Visas

citizenship visas texas
Contact Molina Law for help with all forms of visas and citizenship applications.

Looking to become a citizen of the United States or to stay in the country for an extended period of time? Molina Law Group can help you lawfully stay in the country by obtaining the correct documentation or by helping you to apply for citizenship.

Citizenship applications

  1. Naturalization for Legal Permanent Residents
  2. Derivative citizenship for those who have parents or grandparents born in the U.S.
  3. Child Citizenship Act (CCA)

Immigrant visas

  1. Family based adjustment of status or consular processing
  2. Provisional waiver (I-601A), I-212 and I-601 waivers
  3. J-1 waiver
  4. Employment based permanent resident applications

Non-immigrant visas

  1. Tourist visa extensions
  2. H-1B professional visa
  3. TN professional visa
  4. Investor visa
  5. Religious workers

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